How to sell load using the internet

This is by far my favorite way of loading credits. It works fast and shows immediate response. It doesn’t require codes. I love this way of loading simply because it’s the easiest!

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How to sell load using the MyPinoy feature of MyPhone

If you happen to have a Myphone cellphone with a MyPinoy feature, it’s even easier to sell load through your cellphone since you do not have to remember so many codes!

Here are the steps:

First, click on the menu. Choose the mypinoy icon (the heart icon in the center)
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How to sell load using your registered cellphone and SIM

There are 2 ways to sell load.  The first is via via your cellphone  and the second is via the internet through your loadcentral gateway.

This is how to send load using your cellphone.

Click here for the product codes.

Then send to any of the following gateways:

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How to load your retailer SIM

You need to have a load balance in your registered SIM before you can start selling load.  Here are the instructions:

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How much will I earn as a retailer?

Let’s face it! The reason why we go into these rakets is that we want to earn right? So, here are tables on how much you will earn as a dealer and as a retailer.

The first column is the product name. Continue reading

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First things first…

First, you need to check if you have the necessary tools that you would need for your business.  They’re actually very basic, and most likely you already have it.

  1. A cellular phone.  It doesn’t really matter what model it is.  Just as long as it sends SMS messages, you’re good.
  2. A working SIM.  An existing SIM card would be ok.  It does not matter if it’s prepaid or postpaid.  As long as it’s active and not expired.

That’s it!  You’re all set to be a retailer!

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Cellphones and the Pinoy


Welcome to my loading business!

I entered this business because the average Pinoy thinks of their cellphone loads as BOTH a WANT…and a NEED.  The average Pinoy needs to keep connected to family and friends, and while most cannot afford postpaid plans, the “tingi” prepaid loads satisfy their need to be able to keep in touch.  That is why the big telecoms are making such big money on prepaid loads!

So if you want to have a business with a product that’s VERY easy to sell, cellphone loading is it!

Interested?  Drop me a line in the comments section and I’ll send you an email soon!  Or stay tuned for updates! Or better yet, apply as a retailer!

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